Are you considering beginning an asphalt paving project but wondering if removing the existing concrete is vital? Though some people believe they can install asphalt over concrete, this is not necessarily a good idea.? 

There are several reasons you should take care to get rid of any pre-existing pavement before applying your new asphalt layer. 

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss these benefits at length. So, before you hire?local paving contractors Meriden, keep reading to learn more. 

Asphalt Requires a Strong Base 

Before laying a new asphalt driveway, removing your old concrete driveway is essential because concrete pavements are hard and brittle, the asphalt needs a strong base that provides flexibility and is less prone to cracking over extended periods.? 

If the foundation of your new driveway isn’t up to par, it may lead to premature cracking or sinkholes as vehicular, and temperature forces continue to impact the paving surface.? 

Even if you already have an existing concrete pavement in place, it’s essential to remove it so that the best possible foundation exists for your new asphalt driveway. 

It will Improve the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Driveway 

Removing an old concrete driveway is essential when installing a new asphalt layer over it. This process allows for a better adhesion that often results in significantly longer-lasting pavement.? 

Without removing the old layer of concrete, the cracks, bumps, and divots can be felt through the asphalt, making it difficult to drive over after some time. It also makes it more vulnerable to damage from hard objects like stones or other sharp objects.? 

Removing the previous layer of concrete and creating a level surface allows the asphalt to settle evenly while providing support to withstand numerous harsh conditions.? 

In other words, tearing up your worn-out concrete driveway will only improve and prolong its lifespan if replaced with a fresh layer of asphalt pavement. 

Help You Save Money on Repairs 

Replacing an old concrete driveway with asphalt is a smart choice, not just for aesthetic purposes. Taking the time to remove the existing concrete before laying the asphalt can save you money in repairs in the future.? 

Removing an existing drive will also etch away any oil stains, cracks, or other damage that could affect the asphalt prematurely. Choosing to lay pavement over an old driveway may seem like it would be more affordable, but it can create further issues down the line if proper preparation isn’t taken. 

Ultimately, carefully ridding your driveway of the prior material can help give you long-term savings and peace of mind. 


In conclusion, removing concrete before beginning your asphalt paving project is a wise decision for many reasons. It can reduce costs, help the asphalt adhere better to the base material, and aid in achieving the desired shape of your pavement. 

Asphalt paving projects need preparatory work and effort to complete them correctly and successfully. Removing concrete before working with asphalt pavements is a great way to guarantee that you have everything necessary for success now and in the future.